【Important】To all players participating in the Japan Open

October 21 (Friday)
◎ The qualifying round for male overseas players will not be held due to the small number of participants.

Saturday, October 22
◎ The venue for the Japan Open Men’s 128-player single elimination tournament has been changed to “Bagus Ikebukuro” and “Ikebukuro Rosa” as an additional venue.
 The players from “Bagus Ikebukuro” who have Group 15 and Group 16 will be moved to “Ikebukuro Rosa” after the second round, and the best 16 players will play in the redraw.
◎ The venues for the Japan Open Women’s 75 Player Double Elimination matches have been changed to “Bagus Roppongi” and “Sunbilli Ogikubo West Exit”.

October 23 (Sun.)
◎ The winners of the Japan Open Men’s Best 8 and Women’s Best 4 will meet at “New Pier Hall” by 10:30 a.m.

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Applications for foreign nationals have already been closed.

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* International players in asia who wish to participate in the 2022 Japan Open are requested to contact APBU and APF through their national federations.

* International players in non asia are requested to contact to JPBA ( ).

* International players in now living or staying in Japan, or players with no need VISA are requested to entry in our entry form from Aug 12 for quarifying event in Sep 3.

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The 35th JAPAN OPEN 20220807(PDF) (entry and cancellation conditions)